Effective intervention for KS2 and SATs preparation

Our gap-analysis platform uses question-level data from formative and summative assessments to provide detailed insights into your students’ learning gaps and supports targeted interventions in KS2 Maths, English and Science.

Our assessments are aligned to SATs, White Rose Maths, PUMA and PIRA to build familiarity between pupils, the assessment questions within elastik and end of year exams.

Jim’s story

The background

Jim’s school uses multiple assessments to evaluate the progress of their students. But their assessments only provide attainment data; a top-level guide to their performance which, in some instances, is provided a long time after the assessment has taken place. It also takes a huge amount of every teacher’s time to analyse the data and gather meaningful insights. Jim worries that some students will fall through the cracks because any support they can offer is untailored, generic and mistimed.

Jim’s solution

By using Elastik’s gap analysis tool, teachers can focus on providing effective and immediate interventions to students.  Once assessments have been completed in platform, teachers can immediately see if a student, cohort or class is struggling with a particular concept and can teach to the gap. Lower abilities and higher achievers can all benefit as gaps in learning are identified right down to question level. Teaching is targeted and helps all students achieve their potental.

Elastik is:

Pinpoint Focused


Elastik provides insights down to the question level for individual students, classes or even entire cohorts.

Pinpoint Formative


Elastik is suitable for regular formative use in the classroom or summative in-term progress evaluations.

Pinpoint Flexible


Create focus groups for interventions and personalised one-to-one interactions with students.

Foresight People

The power of elastik

Schools and Teachers

  • Question level analysis
    Detailed analysis of student assessments gives unparalleled insight into students, classes or cohorts.
  • Simple, effective graphics
    Our ‘bubble’ graphs help teachers quickly see where students are struggling so they can provide the appropriate intervention.
  • Resources to support teaching
    Lesson guides are provided to help teachers and NQTs bridge the gaps that have been identified.
  • Saves teachers time
    Teachers spend far less time on non-teaching tasks like planning and marking and have a better understanding of where they can focus their teaching more effectively.

Senior Leaders

  • Drives school improvement
    A focus on identifying and closing  learning gaps can contribute to school improvement, meeting stretch targets, and supporting exam preparation and inspection outcomes.
  • MAT, LA or School Group reporting
    Senior leaders in schools can access the live platform to see student, class, cohort or even year group performance.
  • Insights into school performance
    Senior leaders have insight into areas where a school may face specific challenges or is performing well.
  • Support for teachers
    Elastik supports teachers of all abilities to help provide effective, targeted interventions.

Features at a glance

You choose what to share

Bubble Graphs

The bigger the bubble, the bigger the trouble; see gaps at a glance.

Focus Groups

Customised groups based on learning gaps with specific gap analysis questions.

Gap Reviews

Measure the effectiveness of your teaching at the end of a unit cycle and identify gaps in learning.


Lesson Guides

Offers suggested activities to support teaching. Great for delivering content to a small focus group.

Mathematics & English

Choice of Test type

Enables immediate feedback in classroom settings and replaces manual marking

Family Information

Aligned Key Stage codes

Categorise and organise strands and sub-strands within the national curriculum framework.

Marks Book

An overview of raw class scores for all assessments types and gap reviews.

Classroom Management

View essential student information, such as email addresses, DOB, and class teachers.

Personal Information

Coordinator Dashboard

The nerve centre for Elastik! Navigate around the platform with ease.

What our customers say

Through elastik, our ability to identify gaps in the learning of our primary students and target our interventions will undoubtedly improve outcomes for our students.

Chris Morris – Chief Officer for Education SEND and schools infrastructure.
Bedford Borough Council.

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